Nursery Mares – Stuart Hardy-Taylor

my life was scarred forever and a more

Thanks to Stuart Hardy-Taylor for his humorous and witty contribution to Voices Poetry Blog and the competition. There is indeed a certain darkness in many of the stories and rhymes we are told when we are children. Stuart sums this up in a very clever way, and we are sure his excellent poem will make you smile. We really appreciate his unique offering.

Nursery Mares

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had horrendous nightmares 

Because of all the stories and nursery rhymes, like Goldilocks and the three bears   

And Hansel and Gretel and red riding hood 

witches and granny eating wolves, how could that ever be good 

And every night I would worry, unable to sleep  

Because I was so emotional and scared, about bow-peep and her sheep 

Expecting me sleep and stop crying, parents what were ya thinking, it begs all belief 


Jack and the beanstalk and the goose laying gold eggs  

But only thing i can remember, is the giant that wanted Jack for his bread 

And the three little pigs, i was petrified the wolf, would blow my house down, just like the one with the sticks 

And my life was scarred forever and a more, because Humpy dumpy would never be fixed 

And I’m not surprised I took drugs, come on, cows jumping over the moon 

The fox ate the poor ginger bread man, and the dish ran away with the spoon 

And the little dog laughed because he thought it was fun 

But I would cry and I’d weep for the little piggy that had none 

And little miss Muffet and that great bloody big spider 

Fancy telling me that as a child, that it came and sat down beside-her 

I never wanted to hear, about the old duke of York and his ten thousand men 

And especially the time that they wasted, just going up and down and again 

Putting all these things in my head, I didn’t think it was healthy or fair 

Oh the nightmares that I had, about the mouse in his boots, WHERE, there on the stairs 

But I’m going to bed now, and going to try and go sleep 

And you can do one bow-peep because I don’t care anymore about you or your bloody lost sheep  


Stuart Hardy-Taylor, Loughborough

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