Welcome to Voices

the power of poetry, lyrics and song can so often revitalise the soul

You can always expect a very warm welcome at Maggie’s Centre

I was very privileged to be invited to Maggie’s Centre, Nottingham, on 2nd November 2016 for their fifth birthday celebrations. Hundreds of people from different walks of life, generations and cultures attended the party: a fitting testimony to the magnificent service Maggie’s provides to the wider community around Nottinghamshire and beyond.

It was very moving to hear so many people speak of the invaluable support the centre – located in the grounds of City Hospital, Nottingham – provides to those faced with the life-changing consequences of a cancer diagnosis. When someone hears those terrifying words, the ramifications will be profound for them, their family and friends. Indeed, Macmillan Cancer Support predict that by the year 2020, in the UK alone, 47% of the population will succumb to a form of cancer.

Maggie’s runs many activities and workshops for the attendees, and I was very impressed by the passionate poetry recital which took place. To listen to the rousing verse and lyrics of cancer survivors, who refuse to be beaten and broken by this terrible illness, resonate around the centre is something I will never forget. Furthermore, it reminded me vividly of my mum who would have celebrated her 70th birthday on that very day – 2nd November 2016 – had we not lost her to cancer in 2009.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my mother, Christine, reading poetry to me in bed at night when I was a little boy. Poetry was a passion of hers, and verse was often penned for family members and friends on special occasions. My mum was also delighted to have her work published in poetry compendiums and magazines.

When times get tough, the power of poetry, lyrics and song can so often revitalise the soul and help us face life’s challenges from a more positive and empowered perspective.

We invite all poets to contribute to ‘Voices’ regardless of subject matter. After all, the beauty of true poetry is that there are no rules – so long as it comes from the heart.

David Sinclair, January 2019

If you want to contribute, we will publish your work, or a loved one’s piece – along with a short biography – on this website. Feel free to make text and image submissions to: voicespoetry@outlook.com or via the ‘Contact‘ page.

If you enjoy and appreciate the poetry, you can find out more about the incredible work of Maggie’s Centre, and/or make a donation at: Maggie’s Centre Nottingham.