A Dazzling Display – Serena Lois Jacob

With sharp outbursts of blinding crimsons

Biography: Serena Lois Jacob

Serena was born in Bedford in 2007. She is a keen linguist and loves English lessons at school, especially reading, creative writing and poetry. She has a passion for poetry recital and has taken up speech and drama lessons. Outside school, she plays the piano, enjoys ballet lessons and is training to become a classical singer.

 “A dazzling display”          

As I peered out of my bedroom window,

My eyes searched for something bright,

With only the stars to light up the world,

Dancing happily through the dark night.

When, suddenly, a fiery explosion 

Dynamically burst through the clouds,

I felt awestruck, and slightly alarmed,

As happy shrieks came from the crowds.

Then the colours: greens, blues, pinks and purples,

Elegantly sparkled without ceasing,

With sharp outbursts of blinding crimsons,

It was both spectacular and amazing.

These fantastic fiery works of art,

Darted excitedly through the sky,

Like giant fireflies criss-crossing the night,

Truly pleasing to the weary eye.

Then came frightful bangs, blasts and booms

As more erupted into sight,

Like giant volcanoes exploding,

Giving everyone quite a fright!

Myriads of sizzling, whizzing fireworks,

Like flaming torches, intensely bright!

As my heart leapt to the regular rhythm,

To that roaring pound at midnight.

Yet more tiny rockets of fire burst forth

Hungrily hunting down all darkness,

And illuminating it with sheer delight,

Robbing the sky of it’s natural meekness.

Shimmering, sparkling, stunning fireballs

Were whirling around through the night,

With the fiery, burning scent given off,

What an extra-ordinary sight!

Then finally they were out, quick as a flash,

Diminishing before my very eyes,

Leaving only faint smoky wisps,

And the crowds disappointed cries.

And as I slowly drifted back to sleep

That special, wondrous night in November,

I dreamt of the sheer beauty I’d seen 

Such a dazzling display to remember.

Serena Lois Jacob, Bedford

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