A Far Away Place – Arianne Jones

A trafficked slave, no longer fit to serve

I am Arianne Jones (16) from New Zealand but living in the UK for school. I moved over here on my own, and want to try new things. Here is my poem called “A Far Away Place”. It is about a human trafficking slave and their ‘escape’. This is my one of my first ever poem/writing competition.

A Far Away Place

Arianne Jones

A long journey stands in front of me,

Calling me forth, almost begging me;

Asking me to leave my home, 

My life, my worth, my love, my dreams. 

Things that were once a prominent part of me. 

I join.

I prepare,

For the torturous conversations that lie ahead,

Everlasting speech,

Forever I will have them alone.


For a single soul will

Never be blessed again with the sight

Of my disarray, my disorder, this imbroglio. 

Never again, I promise. 

I promise.

I will cross lava filled cities;

with diamonds that rain down and slice my cheeks, 

with my feet dripping candle wax, and my hair ablaze.

I will keep that promise. 

I will.

I will sink to the bottom of the ocean;

With a fired match as my light, and my skin turning 100 years old,

Crumbling, burnishing and face the monsters of the deep.

I will keep that promise.

Watch me.

I will go into hell, let the fire rush over me;

Slice Beelzebub’s horn off and have the demons

Bite at my feet, and claw me down 

I will keep my promise.

I promise.

Trust me, I won’t break it,

I want it to keep, like in fire I do.  

I will do it all to never be seen once more. 

To be forgotten,


To be flamed and forgotten. 


A worthy full life shall fall;

To the heavens as my soul is burnt. 

This is where my journey is heading,

A heady, mighty descent. 

One’s free fall.

A reduction of my body;

Into a worthless bundle,

No more a burden, 

No talisman for the ages. 

No angel or archangel will keep me

From my destination, my destiny,

And final resting place. It can close;

The door on my face and be happy – 

That I will hurt no more.

Bury me hundred feet down,

Bury me a thousand, 

Just burn me.

I beg you.

Light the fire and see me rise 

from the flames to my rightful place, 

and let the angels burst back,

to the heavens.

Forget me; Remember me not. 

I was me. 

An escapee of the torture, an escapee of life,

An escapee of misery and pain.

A trafficked slave, no longer fit to serve

To be in happiness, an eternity of one.

A joyous occasion it must be;

To set me off on this final journey. 

To have it welcome me in open arms that wrap around me;

caressing, burning my skin. 

The fourth degree.

The hider of my scars. 

The giddy, nauseating smell that overwhelms me before I am welcomed on this journey.

Liquid petrol causes my everlasting delectation. 

Was I ever sane? 

One would say those that can keep fighting,

As the ocean pulls them to misery are insane. 

Or when the words slit their throat,

They run around headless attempting to reattach are insane. 

People who refuse to ‘give up’;

To the overall power are the insane ones. 

I am sane.

It seems I am the only soul that has a body;

That has sanity running through their veins,

Pumping their heart.

A normal existence.

Rationality is key. Happiness is the lock.

So, I continue on my journey,

A hint of self-assurance in my falling soul. 

The crackle pop of the journey the surrounds me is loud in my ear

As it drinks the liquid that had once engulfed me.

Walking nightmare I am, 

or so I am told. 

I walk my journey. 

A journey towards happiness, 

Away from my owners. 

A timeless love will keep. 


And I walk off the edge of the world, never to be thought of again. 

I am burnt from this planet. 

A memory in ashes. 




Arianne Jones

Did you enjoy this poem? Why not visit Maggie’s website at: Maggie’s Centre Nottingham to find out more about their exceptional work and/or make a donation. Do you have a poem you would like to submit to Voices? Feel free to do so by email at: voicespoetry@outlook.com or via the ‘Contact’ page on this site.

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