5 Days a Businessman – Jonathan Brocklehurst

Another day grind for tonight I unwind

Jonathan Brocklehurst is a British-Brazilian trainee Podiatrist with an enthusiasm for Poetry. His scope for creativity also includes musicianship in the Trumpet and Piano. His previous ventures with Poetry have included a published poem in the ‘Poetry Games’ anthology and Young Writers award for Creativity. In his poem: ‘5 days a Businessman’, Jonathan looks to paint the picture of the hectic nature of a week in the world of Business. Thank you Jonathan for your support.

5 Days a Businessman


Conduit fittings mar short breakfast sittings,

‘till seasoned gym kitting resists the sweat.

Oh diamonds you hurt me, ambition you dawn,

Only look left and scurry, for peace full withdrawn.

Restless my crease, cappuccino decease.

Failed pitches must pass, else minds will grow hard.

Effortlessly jitter through window’s best fitter.

Don’t fret, the tube’s near, your day has grown thinner.

Pass me a glass. Stop. I must last.

As the rim of my thoughts, the week will pour fast.


Ponder the notes of riches foretold,

The dragons of London eye soft prey to hold.

The fire breathing nature of judgement unfold,

Coins will flip lives to traumas untold.

The den of angst brews much horrible news

A mindset shift beckons to peacefully met cues.

The screen clouds my mind to number mankind,

Another day grind for tonight I unwind.

The Chat shows amuse my thrill-seeking drive,

Let dopamine rule and confusion arrive.

How can tomorrow best boredom today,

Lest pleasure my ego to lead me astray.


The middle of time. Wish it were ‘friendsday’.

Laugh at my banter, can you tell it’s a Wednesday?

I need some light moods, stop talkin’ ‘good foods’.

Intense, I seem rude. The language is rude.

The harder I try, my neurons will cry,

The quicker I speak, white lies could I leak.

Emotion can tower and relationships sower.

The discipline hour can nurture a flower.

Respect to the leaders divides from the pleasers.

To learn is to change, great fear to assuage.


New day new dawn,

Renew the paint worn.

Restore events past

Sincerity will last.

A human heart yearns to mend a past hurt.

Let closure be closure to stamp on the dirt.

Look forward to sunset, the weekend is near,

A day left of data to redo and steer.

The facets of life, both work and within,

Will chisel out gold dust to grind out the win.


From the fresh dreams of Trinidad, the bed is my beach.

The Island for two days awakens a treat.

The weeklong of words whirled on faces of numbers,

Responded self-worth reduced to mere slumbers.

The art of made meaning in business today,

Plays tricks on our children to throw love away.

Sums of unseen steal lifelong made dreams,

The grafting and crafting paints

The thought of tomorrow inhabits today,

So, don’t let the money make you pay.

Jonathan Brocklehurst

Did you enjoy this poem? Why not visit Maggie’s website at: Maggie’s Centre Nottingham to find out more about their exceptional work and/or make a donation. Do you have a poem you would like to submit to Voices? Feel free to do so by email at: voicespoetry@outlook.com or via the ‘Contact’ page on this site.

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