Reminiscing Senses – Mina Yakinya

Warm moments of the past I once loved

My name’s Mina Yakinya and I am a uni student studying broadcast journalism at NTU. This is a poem about the senses that bring a feeling of nostalgia and remind us of things from our childhood and other moments in one’s past.

Thank you for sharing Mina.

Reminiscing Senses

While sitting on the bus looking out the window,

Or walking along my way to the store,

Warm moments of the past I once loved,

Come to visit me

Lingering smells, sounds and sights,

Reminding you of even the subtlest times of happiness,

Are of a bittersweet nature,

That disappear within an instant 

Unknowingly waiting for those senses,

In a bid to preserve what once was, 

​I hope to meet you again 

Like the scent of a perfume, 

​Or a music box tune, 

​Or even a glance at a familiar stranger,

​These time capsules drift by waiting to be spotted 

Delicate memories that come and go momentarily, 

​Like presents given to us on meaningful days, 

​I stand by to catch a stage in time, 

​Just like I had yesterday 

Rather like a splendid dream,

​That never quite leaves your mind, 

​Senses appear to us just as a new season comes by

So, to these beautiful senses, 

​That capture all my beautiful past’s, 

​I welcome you to visit more often, 

​Particularly in the most mundane of times

Thank you 

Mina Yakinya, Nottingham Trent University

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