The Greatest Mystery of All – Tyler Kershaw

In my heart they will always remain

Tyler Kershaw is a Film Student at Leeds Trinity University who has very kindly decided to submit his work to Voices. Tyler is extremely passionate about poetry and writing, and we thank him for his contribution.

The greatest mystery of all

As I sit here in modest reflection,

I think of the lives that fill my heart with affection,

Scottish neighbours down the road,

Nana and Grandad whose love they bestowed,

Benny, Izzy Lula dogs most faithful,

My feelings for them forever grateful,


In the folly of youth I thought them immortal,

Feeling their affection I forgot they were mortal,

So many sunny days and happy nights,

Their aura, their power shining so bright,

This fire they made lit me up like a lantern,

Brush strokes on my life left me with a pattern,


In my house I see their pictures,

The memories up there just fading fixtures,

My question to the cosmos the universe at large,

Are their spirits up their or just a mirage,

Do they watch from the heavens under Heimdallr’s eyes?

Or is this comforting thought a torrent of lies,


I think I understand this affronting mystery,

There is more that’s left than just plain history,

In my heart they will always remain,

Their existence was always more than a brain,

The power of the soul forever eternal,

The spark the fire forever infernal,


Although I weep at the physical loss,

I can’t help but smile they’ve passed across,

On to the boundaries of a new existence,

I will always remember them with all my persistence,

At times it makes me mellow it makes me sad,

But this feeling and force I’ll always be glad,

Tyler Kershaw, 21, Leeds

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