A Simple Soldier – Denis Paratusic

He and mother had shared their final hug and kiss

An interest in World War One poetry inspired Denis Paratusic to create ‘A Simple Soldier’. Denis was keen to explore how war affects the youth, ordinary people and families – and he does so very powerfully. We really appreciate his kind contribution concerning a theme which is just as relevant today as it was in 1914. Thank you Denis.

A Simple Soldier

A simple soldier told a simple lie.

Little did he know

That simple soldier would-in war-die.

At only fifteen years old he did enlist.

Departing, little did he know,

He and mother had shared their final hug and kiss.

So off to war he did go.

Little did that simple soldier know,

He would never return.

To be old,

To Grow.

On the battlefield-in his heart that bullet struck!

Fall did he.

Into the mud,

Into the yuck!

Mother received a telegram to say that it was him.

She sobbed;

“NO. Not my boy.”

“Not my dearest Tim.”

Denis Paratusic

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