Hell – Regina Lee

you are met with a mirror… a reflection of you…

Many thanks to Regina Lee for her excellent submission. Regina is based in London and is a gifted poet who very kindly decided to share her work. Hell invites us to consider the trauma of a tormented soul.


I have not been to hell.

But let me tell you

How I imagine it to be.


Thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts.

Thoughts that tear into the flesh and infest the mind

These thoughts, they have found a breeding ground

Optimal conditions. Multiplication. Infestation.

You did wrong.

Physical exhaustion; the body slumps like a dead man 

Shot and left for days, eyelids drooping.

But thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts 

Keep the heart beating.






Heaven would be where the nightmare ends, 

But there is no such luxury known as sleep. 

You cannot awaken. 


There will be food. 

Glorious food. A banquet. Ready.

There will be some comfort in this. 

Familiarity. You vaguely recall a day 

Your loved ones welcomed you home to feast and 

For a fleeting moment you remember 


Starving, the gut ringing from the hollow 

You reach out to take a bite.

But a lump in the throat blocks 

Every single particle from reaching 

All the places that need to be filled. 


It cannot satisfy your aching hunger.


At times, others will join you 

Smiling, eyes wide open

They will stand in a circle.

Surrounding you,

They will chant “I care, I care, I care”.

You find solace in this. There are others who will share your pain. 

But when lightning strikes and the thunder ROARS

Only your body is chosen by the skies 

Agony. The roaring thunder deafens their ears to your pain.

They smile and chant “I care I care I care” as your face contorts in despair.

No one will share the pain. 


You will crawl to the light. 






Stop this 


“You need to learn”

A voice appears. You turn around to face your opponent 

But you are met with a mirror

A reflection of you

“Learn. Learn. Learn. Learn. Learn”

And you feel the whole cycle beginning again

Thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts 


I have not been to hell. 

But I lost you. 

And that is close enough.

Regina Lee, London

Did you enjoy this poem? Why not visit Maggie’s website at: Maggie’s Centre Nottingham to find out more about their exceptional work and/or make a donation. Do you have a poem you would like to submit to Voices? Feel free to do so by email at: voicespoetry@outlook.com or via the ‘Contact’ page on this site.

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