The Last Day of June – Molly Nash

Feel her warmth, one last time

We thank Molly Nash for this powerful and vivid offering. Molly is a talented poet and writer – and in her own words – being creative is ‘a way to convey emotions I otherwise never knew I could’. Molly is also very grateful to her school for encouraging her to write and participate in poetry competitions. We are sure Molly’s school is very proud of her, and we are extremely fortunate to be able to share her excellent work with you. Thank you Molly.

The Last Day of June 

June’s canvas sits upon her easel,
Palette and brush off to the side,
Her husband looks up at the self portrait,
And ignores the tears that cloud his eyes.

He reaches out a hand to touch it,
Feel her warmth, just one last time,
The house is cold and empty without her,
And scenes begin to play out in Carl’s mind.

He was sent back to that fateful day,
On the day that marked their marriage,
It was their 6th anniversary,
When June was told of her miscarriage.

She was heartbroken, a simple shell,
But Carl gave her a new meaning,
She learned to paint and sculpt,
And June was slowly healing.

June was happy, so Carl was too,
But when she did surprise him,
A birthday picnic ended in disaster,
And the cause of that, was driving.

Carl’s heart hurts at the memory,
Head filled with a dark gloom.
For they had crashed, in the rain,
Her time had come too soon.

It was the worst day Carl would ever know,
For it was the very last day of June…

Molly Nash, 14, The Wirral 

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