Global Warming – Allan Thomas

the air around us has changed

We are sure you will appreciate this very thoughtful, thought-provoking and topical poem from Allan Thomas about climate change. Allan is a physicist who hails from Teeside, and very kindly decided to enter our competition. Thank you for taking the time to pen this poem Allan which reminds us all of the urgency to respect the environment.

Global Warming

Fifty years ago we thought that that fossil
Fuel was a finite resource which would run out.
That which burns never returns.

Since then improved technology has helped
And enabled us to extend founts of energy !
North Sea oil etc seemed to be an answer.

We now know that gases from coal, gas
And oil have a detrimental affect on the atmosphere
Unfortunately  the air around has changed in a profound way!

Greenhouse gases Methane and CO2
Are the villains of the piece and adding more
And more adds more to the flame of global warming.

Recent research points to  a maximum tolerable rise
Of 1.5 deg C .More than this will produce catastrophic changes !
Yet this does little to engender a collective response !

Allan Thomas, Teeside

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