This Is How The Sun Will Destroy The Earth – KR Pearce

Seasons blur December daffodils

K R Pearce is a 44 year old Sussex born and bred Poet who has written both comedy, poetry and short stories throughout his life. From his late teens to his mid-twenties he performed around the UK both as a poet and with a band. He then shelved his performance poetry to only write for his own pleasure due to putting his family and work commitments first. His works have remained unpublished, but he now feels ready to embrace sharing his work again as part of his recovery from work related stress. Many styles and topics are covered including everything from politics and the economy through to the environment, demanding children to 1970’s cold war spies!

This is how the sun will destroy the earth:

Lithium ions
Taming lions
Solar farms
Spinning yarns
Combustion factory
Licking the battery
This is how the sun will destroy the earth

Selling ice to the Eskimos
Before we know it
Hiding C02 emissions in our pocket Trading them to worldwide friends
To carbon neutralise
Into power socket credit
This is how the sun will destroy the earth

Dead seaside towns
Hide Bedford ice cream vans
And high street tango tans
Taxed by the minute
But still Stacey glows
In her flannel clothes
Stepping in her credit limit
Like it isn’t dog shit
This is how the sun will destroy the earth

Palm tree oils
Massage developing worlds
Seasons blur
December daffodils
When autumn falls
Colour loss seen from satellites
As we take our weekly flights
This is how the sun will destroy the earth
K R Pearce 2020

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