From the Heart – Olivia Goodlad

You can lose hope but magic stays

Many thanks to Olivia Goodlad for her fantastic entry to the blog and competition. Olivia’s poem is inspirational and reminds us to never give up hope and always hold onto the magic! We really appreciate Olivia sharing both her marvellous talents and positive energy with us.

From the Heart

There is always magic left

From your fingertips

From your heart

Magic can kill, but also light a spark

A spark which stays alight

You can lose hope but magic stays

You can lose faith but magic stays

A path way to the future and many lost

Magic stays

There is always magic left

From the cards

To a feeling

Always a spark

From the heart

Magic can be locked away

But always stays

Olivia Goodlad, Year 7, Joseph Whitaker School, Nottinghamshire

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