The Raptor – David Paynter

be thankful you live in modern times

A deadly prehistoric raptor comes to life in David Paynter’s vivid and haunting poem. David enjoys creating poetry about animals and feels he can envisage the natural world clearly before putting pen to paper. He certainly does a magnificent job in creating a terrifying prehistoric scene and we are sure you will enjoy his excellent work. Thank you David for your kind submission.

The Raptor

high-speed horror:
the quickest carnivore
of the cretaceous
strikes by surprise
before the brontosaurus
can apply its tiny brain
too late. Those terrible teeth
enclose the throat
and the lizard-blood flows, a river
under prehistoric sun!
be thankful you live
in modern times
when such an enemy
is extinct!

David Paynter, aged 35, Whiteley, Hants

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