Autumn – Becky Bishop

Vibrant reds and oranges, browns and golden yellows too

I have been writing poetry for about 5 years and have self published a book of ww1/2 themed poems and recently self published a book of over 50 poems for all occasions.


After the long, hot days of summer, autumn blows in on the breeze
The leaves change colour, before falling from the trees

Vibrant reds and oranges, browns and golden yellows too
Bold against the greying sky, a spectacular sight to view

The leaves fall to the ground, rustling underfoot
Children splash and jump in puddles, wearing welly boots

Halloween beckons, a time for ghosts and ghouls
Of children collecting sweets, as if they’re precious jewels

A time of spicy aromas and pumpkins glowing bright
Of firework displays and guy fawkes, burned on bonfire night

Horse chestnut trees, make for conker fights 
Squirrels bury nuts and acorns, ready for the long cold winter nights

A time for celebrating the harvest, the autumn equinox brings a harvest moon,
Until autumn fades away and crickets chirp their final tunes


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